Join us for our
Spiritual Weekend Retreat
11-11 Gateway - Awakening the Christ within!

Maumee Bay State Park - Oregon, Oh

Overnight -Nov 11th 2022
to Nov 13th 11am
- $777

or One Day only Nov 12th 9am-6pm - $250
early bird special
Weekend $650 or
One Day$200
Call Candie 440-409-7888 for RSVP or Information!

Here are Some of the Topics and Teachings:

~Violet Flame Reiki Attunement & Teachings with St Germain and Quan Yin
~ The Connection to the 4 directions & Ancestral Healing perfect for healing the past in the 4 corners of earth. Powerful!

~The hidden secrets of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, their spiritual journey of the Dark Night of the Soul

~Secret Power of Manifesting with Numerology

~Sacred Journey to the Shamballa for Divine Peace, Perfection, Direction, and the Spiritual DNA Codes for the Age of Aquarius - with the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa and 4 Archangeles

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