Life Guidance

 Your Journey to
Fate & Fortune!

Ledian's guidance will assist you to align with the right timing in the matters life and livelihood!

 Major areas of life
Family, Health, Career, Relationships, & Financial   


Spiritual Guidance

Your Journey to
Soul Purpose!

Discover your Blessings & Challenges from this life and past lives.

Fulfilling your Soul's Destiny. Understanding your Psychic Powers & Intuitive Gifts to know your higher self and assist others.



This session is to Strengthen your Etheric Body for a Healthy Aura & offers Psychic Protection.



What is an Angelic Guidance Session?

Angels are always with us. They provide daily wisdom, guidance and support for our life's situations.

All we need to do is tune in and ask for for their Higher Angelic Perspective.

Angels Speak daily to us, however are we listening?

  In an Angelic Guidance Session, I will provide angelic insights or decode the messages you have been receiving -- that is needed for your life directions.

This will  bring you  a sense of understanding, peace, clarity and overall inspiration that you have been seeking.

$77 1/2 hour aval.



What is Holistic Energy Therapy?

In This session, I use hands on healing techniques to release any stuck energy in the pressure points, meridians and energy fields of the body.

This Energy Therapy is great for adjusting and balancing your psychic centers, resetting the nervous system, balancing the organs and glands, as well as removing energy blockages in the meridian lines and energy fields to promote natural healing and to help prevent future health issues. In addition, I may offer Holistic Health Remedies or Guided Healing Meditations, if needed.

Best results  package of 4 sessions-
ask for personalized package!



Distant Reiki Healing for Cats, Dogs, Birds or Horses or wild life.

Helps with stress or anxiety as well as eating or behavior issues or healing from injuries. 

Call Candie 216-303-5333 for info.


Are You Listening?

Rather your pet is living or passed on, I am honored to offer this session for it is one of my strongest gifts.

I am able to understand and communicate with animals, this is a great assistance to the person to apply the right actions for best outcomes

Here are some Reasons Why People Receive Animal Communication: 

~To strengthen your relationship with them

~To Discover possible reasons linked to behavioral problems

~To understand and help with emotional issues

~To scan their physical discomfort, where they feel pain and how to help them

  ~To introduce new animals in a home

~For concerns of your pet mirroring your own stress or illness

~ If they are wild animals - we need to understand the hidden or spiritual meaning from them, in many ancient cultures animals were a great assistance to the development of life. Animals & Nature speak to us, we just need to listen... 

Distant only