Our sessions are tailored to meet your needs for mind, body, and soul balance as well as moving closer to oneness.


Esoteric Astrology is in essence, the science of the soul. It is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and understanding our true potential.

I believe in empowering my clients to use this knowledge to manifest the life they desire. Esoteric Astrology is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

Esoteric Astrology Consultation will reveal karmic challenges and special hidden gifts and talents contained in your soul's history. Using Esoteric Astrology knowledge and wisdom, you can navigate your difficulties with conscious awareness.

Life becomes more meaningful when problems are solved at their root. When viewed from an esoteric perspective, mundane issues such as work, health, relationships, and emotions assume a higher significance.

Life situations can be considered your personal ashram, where sacred lessons can be learned and spiritual victories can be achieved!

Esoteric Astrology assures you that you are a vital part of the Universe, with a unique and essential role to play! Your family, friends, and community will benefit from your efforts. You'll also learn how to deal with life's challenges. You hold all the answers in your soul.



An important objective of Spiritual Life Coaching is to understand the existence of two realities: the physical and the metaphysical aspects of life.

As a result, clients can make positive changes in their lives, change their behavior and habits, and live a more fulfilling life. It allows individuals to uncover their inner strengths and purpose, as well as create meaningful connections with others.

Clarity, direction, and greater awareness can be gained through this type of coaching. The client is also empowered with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, set boundaries, and take responsibility for their lives. In addition, provide them with tools that will enable them to manage their stress and develop positive habits that will assist them in achieving their goals.

One of the great benefits from Spiritual Life Coaching, is the individual is able to recognize potential challenges and develop a plan to overcome them. Individuals will also be able to become more self-aware and more confident as a result of this process.




This type of healing utilizes sound frequencies to bring the body into balance.

The frequencies used are based on the natural frequencies of the planets in our solar system.

These frequencies are believed to resonate with our cells. By using the planetary tuning forks, healing is promoted and a sense of balance is restored to the body.

This type of healing can be used to treat physical ailments, as well as emotional and spiritual issues. It can also be used to release energetic blockages and restore balance to the body.

The effects of this type of healing are often felt immediately, and can bring a sense of deep relaxation and peace.



The purpose of this session is to align and connect with your inner healer. Raise your vibration and become your most authentic self. Embrace positivity and enjoy peace and joy.

This session helps to restore balance by using energy systems such as angelic light, chakras, essential oils, clearing the meridians, and other subtle energy systems.

By clearing and balancing these energy systems, one can create a sense of balance and peace, allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

In addition, Energy Clearing and Balancing may provide healing to unresolved traumas, release trapped energy or emotional imprints from the organs or body as well as in the cellular memory, and energy fields. This can be the root cause of your stress, chronic pain, general aches and pains, mental imbalances, nervous system disorders, digestive problems, disconnection, grief, sadness, empathy sensitivities, psychological issues and negative thoughts.



Through Angelic Soul Coaching, you can discover your true purpose by identifying any blocks preventing you from feeling confident about your soul's journey.

By understanding and embracing your soul's destiny, you will become empowered to make choices in alignment with your highest truth.

You will have clarity and understanding of the life changes that need to be made and how to achieve them.

With Angelic Soul Coaching, you will find the courage to live the life you were meant to live. This will allow you to connect with your soul's wisdom, connection to your Angels, and  recognize your strengths. This will assist in creating a more meaningful life.

 I use a variety of tools, techniques, and guidance to help you find the clarity, alignment, and courage needed to move forward. 

Together, we create an environment that facilitates transformation. Individuals have the potential to achieve their highest goals, and I am here to help them live their truth and reach their highest potential.



Integrative Holistic Health Coaching can assist individuals in identifying and addressing the underlying causes of imbalances in the body.

By examining both physical and emotional factors, a personalized plan of action can be developed to restore balance and harmony.

Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their health and well-being through this approach that emphasizes self-awareness and self-care.

As well as supporting physical and emotional well-being, it can help individuals create healthy habits and lifestyles. An integrated approach to health and wellness can improve self-esteem, relationships, and productivity.

Additionally, it can help individuals manage stress, prevent illness, and deal with chronic conditions. Happiness and fulfillment can be increased as a result.