October 4, 2021

October's Energy  Forecast

7pm est

October 6, 2021

 LIBRA New Moon
Lunar Attunement -
Align your energies with is
this moon for Greater Balance

7pm est

October 14, 2021

Seven Sacred Flames
Teachings & Temples
The 5th Ray of
Divine Healing

7pm est

October 17, 2021

Healing & Transmuting
Past trauma with
Violet Flame!
Bringing back Harmony 
to the Body, Mind, and Soul!
7 pm est


October 20, 2021

ARIES Full Moon
Lunar Attunement
Align your energies with
the Moon for Greater ACTIONS!

7 pm est

October 24, 2021

 12-4 PM in person only at the
Mohican State Park Healing Journey
with Gaia & Higher Heart Activation

12-4 pm

Practical Wisdom for Personal Transformation
& Spiritual Growth with Ledian  

OCT. 10th at 7pm

Energy Exchange - $22

Welcome to Our Family of Light.... 

At the Soul Path awakenings all are welcome, come learn, share and grow.

You can attend in person or by conference call.

To purchase a ticket or hold your spot, please click on the ticket button of the event you wish to attend. 

Hope to see you all there,
Ledian & Candie Michelle

The conference call in number  is always 717-275-8940 code 326 1335#

or you can request a recording .

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