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Ledian Toska is a devout Spiritual Mystic  & Medical Astrologer

Ledian has dedicated his life to the dissemination of useful knowledge in the fields of Astrology, Ancient Philosophy’s Holistic Medical Nutrition, and Comparative Religion’s.

His career over thirty years, has led him round the world to assist thousands of clients finding within themselves the insights and direction to obtain ultimate freedom to living a successful happy life.

Ledian work leads to the path of one becoming the best version of themselves and make the world a better place .

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Astrological Life Guidance

Astrological guidelines for your Personality and Character is focused on probability's and Possibilities in your physical emotional and mental constitution's according into the physical plane of existence . In order to manifest your Life deepest desires!!


Astrological Spirit & Soul Guidance

Astrological guidelines for your Spirit and Soul is focused upon understanding how to fulfill a deeper Spiritual growth and how best utilize the God given qualitative power to assist the humanity in their journey to Universal consciousness !


Astrological Health Guidance

This session is for all who are willing to prevent potential future disease's and wish to restore health and vitality for overall well-being.

Astro-diagnosis is an holistic approach and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes as shown by the planets as means of overcoming it.

Those born under various signs of the Zodiac have their strength and weakness into the body's constitution.

Your Natal chart will show the hidden influences to the strength or weakness in your constitution.

This important guidance will assist you in preventing potential future disease’s and restoring harmony to current imbalances.


Intuitive  Readings

This reading offers much insight and understanding and can provide direction into situations that are happening in your daily life.

Also can foresee windows of opportunities for success in areas such as Health, Career, Marriage, Family, New Location, Spiritual Path, or Starting a new Business.

This is a wonderful reading to see deeper into what decisions need to be made to move in a new direction for a better outcome.