Astrology by Ledian

I am Ledian Toska a devout Hermetic Holistic Medical Astrologer, Hellenistic Transcendental Psychologist and Spiritual Mentor.I have dedicated my life to the dissemination of useful knowledge in the fields of Ancient Philosophy’s Holistic Medical Nutrition, and Comparative Religion’s. My long span career over thirty years, has led me around the world to assist thousands of clients finding within themselves the valuable source of Inspiration, Hope, Ultimate Health and overall Well-being. 

My work leads to the path of one becoming the best Version of themselves and make the world a better place .

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Holistic Medial Astrology

Medical Astrology has the potential for helping to prevent the onset of the clinical symptoms of disease’s .Your natal chart is a guide map to understand your root causes of any potential future disease. The chart will show the hidden influences to the strength or weakness in your constitution. This important guidance will assist you in preventing potential future disease’s and restoring harmony to current imbalances.. 


Astrology Natal Chart

Know thy self - the spiritual significance of an astrology chart reading, is a personal journey to your Personality, Desires and Motivation’s. It shows influences to be met: dips and valleys, sunny days and heavy weather. See what the stars have aligned for you!


Spiritual & Life Guidance

Restoring your Hope, Faith and Love into today's reality. By blending the Mind, Body and Spirit we provide a powerful tool for Self Realization and Spiritual growth. So we may find the courage to work towards our personal goals and living soulfully!